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break up with binge eating

An 8-week course that shifts you away from the diet/binge cycle. You will learn how to peacefully and adequately nourish your body and, in the process, treat yourself with kindness and respect.

The “Break Up with Binge Eating” course was designed to teach you how to nourish yourself. This course focuses less on “what” to eat, and more about “how” and “why” to eat. You will explore other factors that influence eating, such as sleep, stress, exercise, and relationships.

You will be challenged to dig deep and reflect on your own vision for health, one that is void of external pressures, the impossible “shoulds” of society, and harmful diet culture.

The course uses evidence-based techniques, such as journaling and tracking, that are proven to create sustainable changes to healthy habits and behaviors. All you need to bring is a reflective mind, a willingness to try something different, and a heavy dose of self-compassion.

Are you ready to stop binging?

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If you're not ready to commit to the full program, but would like to learn more and try out the first exercise, sign up here. This freebie will provide more insight into what the program will be like and what to expect.

  • 10 self-paced modules that will give you information, inspiration, and solutions to stop binge eating-for good

  • 10 sets of thought-provoking journal prompts that will provide you with an opportunity to dig deeper into your relationship to food, exercise, and your body

  • 24 worksheets/activities to help you apply concepts learned in each module. Many of them are written worksheets, while others are activities that will guide you in making adjustments to your eating environment, social media feed, and more

  • 8 handouts that provide supplemental information, tips, and support

  • 4 self-assessments to get a pulse of where you are throughout the course

What you will get

  • Module 1: Create Your Vision

    • This module is foundational to any behavior change work. In this module, you will design your vision for health, discover what you want, and who you want to be without the binges and difficulty with food. The goal is to walk away from this module understanding that you have the power to change and inspired to rewrite your relationship to food.

  • Module 2: The Diet/Binge Cycle and How to Stop It

    • In this module, you will start to uncover the truth behind diets and how diets fail us. Yes, you heard that right. You may have previously thought that you failed the diet, but I will teach you how diets set us up to fail. This cycle sets us up to binge even more than we would have in the first place. We will also uncover the physiological and hormonal underpinnings of bingeing, so you can stop blaming yourself and understand how and why this is happening.

  • Module 3: The Myth of Good Vs. Bad Foods

    • In this module, we will smash the lie that there are “good” and “bad” foods. You will learn that becoming neutral to all foods is a process that will lead to an increase in satisfaction and lessened feelings of deprivation that lead to cravings and binges. You will learn to challenge automatic negative thoughts that are rooted in fear and food rules, which will change the way that you engage with food. These attunement practices will boost your confidence and strengthen your connection to your body and mind.

  • Module 4: To Curb of Honor Cravings?

    • This module will give you the opportunity to cultivate body trust by listening to it’s needs, desires, and signals of hunger/fullness. Instead of fearing/ignoring/blunting these biological cues, you will learn that they are an opportunity to respect your body. We would never deny ourselves the natural urge to blink our eyes or go to the bathroom, so why do we deny hunger? You will explore different types of hunger, and will observe patterns and trends of nourishment that make you feel good in your skin.

  • Module 5: Satiety, Satisfaction, Safety

    • Did you know that you can be full but not satisfied? In this module, you will learn how to create a safe space for eating, where you feel comfortable and confident with making food choices and aren’t distracted by environmental factors. This module teaches you that the right place to stop eating is at a place that balances fullness and satisfaction. Being consistently and adequately nourished can help prevent shame, guilt, overeating, and bingeing.

  • Module 6: Break the Rigid Rules

    • In this module, you will explore the rigid, extreme, and unsustainable diet mentality rules that keep your body at war with food. These are the dogmatic rules that disconnect you from inner attunement cues and keep you stuck in the diet-binge cycle. This module will teach you how to reframe these food police rules using evidence, critical thinking, and compassion.

  • Module 7: How You Eat & Nourish is a Reflection of How You Do Everything

    • In this module, you will explore the parallels between your relationship to food and your relationship to other aspects of life (sleep, spirituality, relationships, work, etc.). As you embrace new patterns of thinking and living that rid yourself from food/body preoccupation and bingeing, you will find there is more energy and brain space to embrace what’s important to you. You will explore how emotions may play a part in overeating or bingeing, and learn new ways to cope with these difficult feelings and potentially prevent them through adequate self-care and boundaries.

  • Module 8: Redesigning Your Relationship to Movement

    • Diet culture takes a once effortless, fun activity that expresses and celebrates what our bodies can do and makes it punitive and unenjoyable. In this module, you will be able to question the narratives you have about exercise, so you can start to heal your relationship to exercise and fitness. You will practice using inner attunement to tell you when you need movement and when you need to rest.

  • Module 9: Make Peace with Your Body

    • Hating your body interferes with your ability to make health-promoting decisions. In the quest of dieting and seeking goal weights, we lose our ability to practice kindness and respect towards our bodies. This module invites you to embrace body neutrality and accept your body’s unique genetic blueprint. Even if these concepts sound impossible, this module will inspire you to cultivate habits that are kind, respectful, and neutral towards your here-and-now body. As a bonus, you will also learn why weight is a poor indicator of health and how to speak up against body talk.

  • Module 10: Honor Your Health with Gentle Nutrition

    • Once you have given yourself unconditional permission to eat all foods, you can practice utilizing nutrition concepts without the diet mentality. This means intuitively eating in a way that works best for your unique body. Intuitive eating is knowing how foods serve your body so deeply, that food choices originate effortlessly from this knowledge. I will also share simple tips for building satisfying snacks and meals, meal planning, and cooking.

a description of modules

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If you find yourself starting a new diet and excited for the weight loss and body change. Promising yourself you'll do it better this time and telling yourself you will *really* stick with it this time. 

But after just a few days or weeks, you can't stick with the diet rules, your hunger and cravings are uncontrollable. And you quickly tell yourself, "See, I knew you would fail this one too. You'll never get to that goal weight."
If you tired of being on the diet rollercoaster.
If you're tired of having your weight and mood fluctuate.
If you're tired of not understanding the out-of-control cravings and the overall hopelessness that comes with the empty promises of a new diet.

Stop with the madness and try a different way. 

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