break up with binge eating

An 8-week course that shifts you away from the diet/binge cycle. You will learn how to peacefully and adequately nourish your body and, in the process, treat yourself with kindness and respect.

The “Break Up with Binge Eating” course was designed to teach you how to nourish yourself. This course focuses less on “what” to eat, and more about “how” and “why” to eat. You will explore other factors that influence eating, such as sleep, stress, exercise, and relationships.

You will be challenged to dig deep and reflect on your own vision for health, one that is void of external pressures, the impossible “shoulds” of society, and harmful diet culture.

The course uses evidence-based techniques, such as journaling and tracking, that are proven to create sustainable changes to healthy habits and behaviors. All you need to bring is a reflective mind, a willingness to try something different, and a heavy dose of self-compassion.

If you find yourself starting a new diet and excited for the weight loss and body change. Promising yourself you'll do it better this time and telling yourself you will *really* stick with it this time. 

But after just a few days or weeks, you can't stick with the diet rules, your hunger and cravings are uncontrollable. And you quickly tell yourself, "See, I knew you would fail this one too. You'll never get to that goal weight."


If you tired of being on the diet rollercoaster.

If you're tired of having your weight and mood fluctuate.

If you're tired of not understanding the out-of-control cravings and the overall hopelessness that comes with the empty promises of a new diet. 


Are you ready to stop binging?

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