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"Very knowledgeable person. She will patiently listen to your questions and concerns and put you at ease with the right information. She doesn't watch the clock but talks to you as a friend, which is exactly what I was looking for.
I highly recommend her for anyone who is starting out to get a healthier lifestyle"


"Ashley is an absolute pro. I've struggled with unhealthy eating habits and an unhealthy relationship with food for my entire life, but after a few sessions with her I feel like I've taken control of my eating (and my life) in a brand new way. She worked wonders at helping turn a clear eye on my unhealthy ideas about nutrition -- restricting, extreme calorie counting, binge eating -- and even some less toxic ideas like intermittent fasting that I was using as an excuse to treat myself poorly. Having understood my particular quirks, we worked together to create a system of eating (not a rigid meal 'plan' that is so easy to break and then fall off the wagon entirely) that has me looking forward to each mealtime in a way that I truly can't remember. My weight is under control, and more importantly my self-image is better than ever. I'm so much more equipped to listen to my body and feed it according to its needs. And I've got Ashley to thank for all of it!"


"I have struggled with a horrible self image of myself every since I can remember. When I first met Ashley, my mindset was to change my body, I never thought of self love. Through Ashley and because of Ashley, I have learned to adore every inch of my body and feel more and more free every day. To learn more about myself and to stay on the right track of self love, I've continued my sessions with Ashley and am thrilled. She is more than a nutritionist and a dietitian, she is someone I consider a lifelong friend."



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