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We don't do diets here

We do 'change your relationship with food, fitness, and your body so you never have to diet again'. We make peace with food so we no longer feel prisoners to another diet plan. 




Do you have 'good and 'bad days?


Good days: Boring salads. Tasteless food. Tiny portions that leave you hungry. Meal replacement shakes. Cleanses. Diet products. Fat-free this, sugar-free that, fake foods. Weighing yourself daily. Feeling badly about your body. Checking your body in the mirror. Counting calories, grams, ounces of whatever you buy.


Bad days: 'Falling off the wagon' causing you to binge on anything and everything in sight. Beating yourself up for failing another diet. Feeling shameful that you weren't 'perfect' on your diet. Eating sweets and feeling guilty. Fear of gaining weight. Then starting the cycle again and swearing you’ll do better next time.


Most chronic dieters’ experience is just like the above. And I’m no exception – I spent 8 years in this very cycle! This cycle causing constant guilt and shame, body loathing, and ultimately leading us down a road to weight gain, disordered eating patterns and potential life-threatening eating disorders.

There is a better way



I work with women from all over the world to release from this cycle and learn to lose weight by nourishing themselves with food.


I help women:

understand how dieting is sabotaging their weight loss goals and keeping them miserable

build confidence in what they eat, when they eat, and how they eat 

reach and maintain a healthy weight without extreme measures

stop hating their bodies and learn to love every part of them

quit dieting forever and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle



Step 1 


Book a free phone consultation so we can get to know one another better. I want to connect with you first, hear your voice, and understand you. I want to hear exactly what has been going on with you and your food up until this point and I will tell you exactly how I can help you find food and body freedom. You can use this time to ask questions, learn more about my philosophy, and ultimately gain comfort in knowing who you will be working with. I want to make sure we’re a good fit and on the same page so I can provide the best possible nutrition solutions to you.


Step 2


After your phone consultation, I will provide you with a formal proposal outlining the details and rates of the services I would recommend for you. This is where the fun begins, the magic happens. We will work together, week-by-week, cultivating a new relationship between you and food that will lead to a long-lasting friendship. This paradigm shift helps us to release the dieting mentality and make peace with food.


Step 3


Implement the tools you have learned and the nutritional principles we have built together long-term. The mind opens up when we are not obsessing over the number on a scale or missing a day at the gym. The world is yours. 

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